B2B Thinking Like a B2C

Issue: $27M ingredient manufacturer whose customers are primarily Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies was asked to fulfill consumer-oriented request from a customer.




Client routinely develops new product prototypes for potential and existing customers.  Their major consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers had been cutting overhead and making more consumer-oriented requests of Client. One customer like this asked Client to not only develop prototypes for them, but to actually determine and recommend which new product flavors should be launched. Results and process were presented to CPG customer’s management team.



  • Created in-house team to work on project
  • Developed process for identifying appropriate product options
  • Conducted initial secondary research
  • Developed pre-work for team brainstorming session
  • Facilitated team brainstorming session
  • Assisted with product selection
  • Participated in prototype refinement process
  • Created presentation format and outline
  • Wrote presentation pages explaining process used and results
  • Project completed and presented to customer in under eight weeks.
  • Nine flavors identified, three per concept.
  • Customer feedback to client uniformly strong.
  • Client has been asked to do similar work for two other brand groups since completing this project.
  • Client reports that relationship with this customer has been significantly enhanced as a result of thisproject.
  • Client SVP of Sales & Marketing: “The presentation went very well. The material was succinct, yet very clear and well organized…  Thank you for all of your involvement, it really made a difference!”