About Argentum Strategy Group

Companies who work with us save substantially on the overhead costs associated with a comparable full-time hire, yet they receive all of the benefits of having an expert marketer on their team.


Our business model is flexible in order to meet a variety of needs, and we can easily accommodate short or long-term assignments as well as budgets of most sizes. As projects require, we leverage our extensive on-call talent pool.

Our Services

We provide access to our expertise on a part-time or temporary basis, and our typical clients have marketing strategy needs best suited to our timeshare VP of Marketing® consulting services. This means that we often become an ad hoc member of our clients’ teams and work on an ongoing, as-needed basis.

Our Team

Our experienced talent pool works with us on an as-needed basis, which ensures that each client has the staffing level which is perfect for their project’s needs and budget. We also have ready access to expert solo practitioners in marketing tactics, market research and other related marketing disciplines.

“Argentum has been a great outside resource to support Savant’s current and long-range marketing efforts. Susan’s ability to help clarify the role of marketing and create a strategic plan that is easy to understand, communicate and implement has helped our team to be more effective and efficient.

Susan has a well-defined process and approach to her work, and she is an outstanding professional and a joy to work with. Her communication is direct, open and honest. We have greatly enjoyed our partnership.”

- LaVonne Brown

Director of Client Experience and Marketing, Savant Capital Management