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Argentum Strategy Group sends out a quarterly newsletter to its 2500+ subscribers.  Featured content typically includes interviews, webinars, book reviews, case studies and other marketing-related tidbits.  A list of past issues and a summary of their contents is below.

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2023 Spring: Marketing Spring Cleaning

Case Study: Conducting a Marketing Audit

Practicum: ChatGPT for Marketing



2022 Fall: Marketing Reality Check: Are You Really Saying What You Think You Are?

Case Study: Backing off Buzzwords

Marketing Minute: Reasons to Believe – Not Just Blowing Smoke

Case Study: Lakeview Pantry Rebrand



2021 Fall: Invention and Reinvention

Case Study: Wynk™ THC & Seltzer – Diving Into Cannabis Beverages

Video Case Study: Backing off Buzzwords

Case Study: Evolving Value Propositions Over Time


2021 Winter: Turning the Kaleidoscope

Article Review & Case Study: Looking at Your Competitive Set in a New Way

Video: Thinking Differently and the Human Brain

Blog Post: A Fresh Look at How B2B Customers Buy 


2020 Spring: Manageable Marketing While Sheltering in Place

Blog Post: How to Lose a Lead in 10 Seconds: When Email Marketing Goes Horribly Wrong

Blog Post: Tools You Can Use Now to Improve Your Marketing – It’s Time for a Marketing Audit

Case Study: From Positioning to Packaging – Building Amylu’s Award-Winning Packaging



2019 Fall: Better Stronger Faster

Blog Post: Is Your Point of Difference a Buried Treasure?

Video: Four Easy Tools for Identifying Your Point of Difference

Video: Throwdown: So You Think YOUR Service is Differentiated?


2019 Spring: Positioning Palooza

Blog PostSo You Have a Positioning Statement, Now What? Elevator Pitches

Blog Post: So You Have a Positioning Statement, Now What? Messaging Matrix

Under Construction: Positioning Boot Camp


2018 Fall: It’s Okay to Be Needy

Blog PostBain’s B2B Value Pyramid

Video: Using Human Words – How to Describe Unmet Needs


2018 Spring: Getting Into Your Customers’ Heads: How to Get Your Message Heard

Blog PostOvercoming “Not For Me” With Your Marketing Messaging

Blog Post: So You Want to Know More About Your Customers

Video: Strategic Execution

VideoMaking Your Customers’ Lives Easier


2017 Fall: Applying B2C Thinking to Your B2B

Blog PostMarketing For a Smaller B2B

Video: Marketing Minute: Word of Mouth

WorkshopMarketing Strategy for B2B’s



2017 Spring: Filling Your Marketing Tool Box

2017 spring imageBlog PostMarketing Your New Book

  • VideoThe Difference Between Strategies and Tactics

Blog Post: Net Promoter Score: Measuring Word of Mouth Potential

Marketing HackMeasuring Brand Awareness


2016 Fall: High Efficiency Marketing: Making the Best Use of Your Time

2016 FallBlog PostThe Care and Feeding of Your Brand Ambassadors

VideoFour Market Research Rules You Should Know

Blog Post: Have I Got a Deal For You – Evaluating Unsolicited Opportunities


2016 Spring: Marketing Hacks: Maximizing a Minimal Budget



2015 Fall: Change is in the Air: Thinking Differently About Your Marketing

2015 Fall

  • Webinar: Positioning – Laying the Foundation for Sales & Marketing Success
      • Blog PostBlowing Up the B2B Sales Funnel
      • Blog Post: Netflix: Building a World Class Brand
        • #CoolClientTake a virtual tour through a Matterport 3D Showcase


2015 Summer: Bringing Your Strategy to Life: Creative Partnerships



2015 Winter: Don’t Drive Off the Road: Take Some Time to Plan

  • news 2015 winter copy
  • Video: DIY Marketing Planning, from a workshop we conducted for the University of Chicago’s Polsky Accelerator.
    • Blog Post: What it really took to make Dollar Shave Club’s viral video.



 2014 Summer: Reaching Your Target

  • 2014 summer copy
  • Video: Narrowing Your Target, from a workshop we conducted for the University of Chicago’s Polsky Accelerator.
  • Book Review: Jonah Berger’s Contagious, about what companies of any size can do to drive word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Case Study: Empowering a sales force to build their own personal brands while concurrently promoting the company.


2014 Spring: Know Thy Customer



2013 Fall: Gear Up For Growth

  • 2013 fall copy
  • Blog Post: Two-part series on gearing up for marketing growth.  A response to entrepreneur Ankur Gopal’s questions about how to know when you’re ready for “real” marketing.
  • A review of one of our favorite go-to marketing books, Tim Calkins’ Breakthrough Marketing Plans.



2013 Spring: Marketing Simplicity



2012 Fall: Defining Your Brand


2012 Spring: Powerful Customer Approaches

  • 2012 spring copy
  • A recent webinar we conducted on creating powerful value propositions for your business.
  • Insight into how consumer habits can help inform your marketing.



2011 Fall: Fresh Perspectives

  • 2011 fall copy
  • A review of some marketing lessons from the 10/11 TEDx Midwest,
  • Case Study: How to hire an agency that’s right for your company.



2011 Spring: Looking At Your Business Differently

  • 2011 spring copy
  • Simon Sinek’s terrific TEDx presentation that looks at value propositions from his distinctive “inside out” perspective.
  • Article: The ways that successful entrepreneurs truly think differently than their successful corporate counterparts. How Great Entrepreneurs Think.
  • Case Study:  Client who requested Marketing Coaching so he could learn more about marketing his company by collaborating with us.


2010 Fall: B2B Marketing In A B2C World

  • 2010 fall pngExamples of B2B client companies who are learning to speak their B2C customers’ languages better.  Three benefits are:
    1. Easier for customers to buy when benefits can be clearly understood;
    2. More constructive conversations because you start from the same page;
    3. Demonstrate that you understand your customers, an important building block for strong, long-term relationships.


2010 Spring: Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

  • 2010 spring copy
  • An Argentum TV appearance outlining three common marketing mistakes that small to mid-sized businesses often make.
  • A brief review of Switch, How To Change When Change Is Hard, that addresses smart, easy ways to make change possible for you and your organization.


2009 Fall: Smart Marketing

  • 2009 fall pngTwo of our favorite marketing-related articles, Business Week’s piece on the Comcast Cares Guy and the Harvard Business Review article about how the Sales and Marketing functions evolve in an organization
  • Two case studies that highlight the value that strategic marketing can bring to any organization.


2009 Spring: Smart Marketing in Tough Times

  • 2009 spring copyVisual Case Study: How Brand Positioning Led To Improved Packaging
  • Two case studies that show how and when hiring a Timeshare VP of Marketing® can make sense for a business.



2008 Summer: Celebrating Two Years

  • 2008 summer copyArticle: Is Your Company A B2B2C?
  • Case study: Helping A Company Live The Brand



2007 Summer: Celebrating Our First Year

  • 2007 summer copyQuoted in Business Week’s SmallBiz
  • Case Studies: Branding A Brazilian Adventure Spa, Developing an Innovation Pipeline and Helping A B2B Supplier Provide Strategic Marketing Support