“I cannot say enough about Susan and the impact she has made on my marketing team and my company. I now have an awesome strategic marketing plan, better than I ever thought, and I continue to use her as my Timeshare VP of Marketing. The greatest compliment you can say about a business solution partner is that they are an extension of your team – Susan is the definition of just that!”

Kevin Hughes

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, MicroTek

Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing strategy is our forte here at Argentum. We offer a variety of solutions to marketing strategy needs. Our Timeshare VP of Marketing® offering is our most requested service.

Timeshare VP of Marketing®

Ideal for companies that have at least one full-time junior marketing person on staff, this service often takes pressure off of the VP of Sales and Marketing and frees up more of their time to focus on sales. We will help you manage, coach and train your marketing team on a regular basis. Along the way, we will create marketing processes appropriate for your company and will instill a measure of strategic discipline. As part of our regular 1:1 meetings with your marketing team, we’ll also work on bringing your marketing plan to life and training them to better work with the marketing tools you already have. Along the way, we’ll help your marketing team to be more succinct and strategic in their marketing communications both internally and externally. We will also work as closely as you would like with your Executive Team to provide a more senior marketing perspective. And, when your company is ready for a full-time VP of Marketing, we will help you interview and on-board them to provide a seamless transition.

 Key Features:

  • Ongoing Marketing Training and Coaching
  • Execution and Integration Assistance
  • Participation in Executive Team Meetings
  • Process Creation
  • Agency Liaison
  • Access to Additional Vetted Resources as Needed

Marketing Coaching

Founders who are early in the earlier stages of company growth are also looking for access to executive-level strategic marketing thinking and guidance. This one-on-one program provides the perspective and advice that can be critical for laying the groundwork for better marketing thinking throughout the life of your company.

Key Features:

  • Immersive Kick-Off Meeting
  • Bi-Monthly 1:1 Meetings
  • Quarterly Check-In Meeting

Full-Day Marketing Strategy Workshop

A combination of our proprietary Positioning Workshop and our Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop, these sessions will provide a level of structure and process that will enable your company to market in a more efficient way. Most appropriate for younger companies that are looking for a more strategic framework for their marketing efforts, this full-day workshop, also available as two half-day sessions, is a great place to start.

You will walk away with:

  • A positioning statement that clearly defines your company’s target customer, their most relevant unmet need, your key point of difference, and the “reasons to believe”.
  • Clearly defined marketing objectives, the strategies to drive those objectives and a path to choosing the most relevant, budget-appropriate tactics.