Building a More Brand-Oriented Organization


Nationally known organization with $115M annual budget, but limited marketing resources, wants to integrate new brand identity across its divisions

SITUATION icon_asses

The organization had spent two years developing a new brand identity, and it wanted to ensure that all employees “lived the brand”. Although there were many people in the organization doing marketing communication work to different extents, there were a wide range of ability levels and depth of marketing understanding. Because of this, many divisional personnel did not know how to use the new marketing tools, and they needed to learn how to bridge to execution on an ongoing basis.


  • Reviewed background documents regarding branding initiative
  • Met with marketing and strategy team to learn about the branding initiative’s history and to set objectives for the overall project
    • Identified top priority, “heavy user” divisions to take part in Phase 1 workshops
  • Interviewed key staff

ACTIONS icon_act

  • Created customized three-part workshops to establish base level of brand understanding across different skill levels and divisional responsibilities
  • Workshop 1:
    • Purpose: Provide logic behind brand development, educate and provide forum for discussion
    • Content Included: What is a brand, the “Why’s” behind new branding
  • Homework Assignment:
    • Purpose: Provide real-world experience using the branding tools
    • Content: Using Branding Worksheet, evolve at least one of the customer/consumer touchpoints you work with every day to reflect the new branding both visually and with messaging
  • Workshop 2:
    • Purpose: Provide specific feedback and guidance on using branding tools. Gauge each group’s level of need for ongoing marketing assistance
    • Content: Review and discuss homework
  • Trained the organizations future trainers to conduct workshops for remaining divisions

SOLUTIONS icon_sol

  • Conducted eleven two-part workshops
    • Groups ranging in size from 2 staff to 26, with the average group size about 10
  • Led groups in evolving over 40 organizational touchpoints to align with the new branding
  • Quality of workshops and instructor garnered strong positive response across attendees:
    • “Great, specific feedback”
    • “ I now understand why our organization needs this!”
    • “Very qualified and knowledgeable”
    • “I think anyone doing anything with the brand should attend”
  • Provided new Marketing Director with detailed overview of the skill levels of the eleven groups, outlined strengths and potential problem areas, and prioritized level of assistance required in the future