DIY Marketing

Issue: Entrepreneur without formal business education is doing his own marketing for his e-commerce company.




Client wants to work side by side with a marketing expert to “learn while doing.” His goals are to:

  1. Drive increased sales through better marketing
  2. Weave strategic marketing throughout his business



  • Meet with client biweekly for 60 to 90 minutes by phone
  • Provide detailed action registers for accountability and next steps


  • Strategy
    • Moved away from overt focus on low price/value
    • Created strong differentiation versus competitors by focusing on emotional benefits
  • Website
    • Recommended changes to better align with new value proposition
    • Client has begun to optimize website for search engines to increase organic traffic
  • Products
    • Exploring new product bundles to better align with customer usage
  • Customers
    • Created an automated customer satisfaction survey to provide ongoing feedback loop to acquire solid, continually refreshed data
  • Pricing
    • Increased prices by +10% with no negative effect on revenue