$1M adventure spa’s vision

SITUATION icon_asses

Existing marketing campaign focused on being a yoga program which changes people’s lives during their one-week stay.


  • Researched program offerings.
    • While guests participate in 2 hours of yoga per day, the remaining 7 hours of activity consist of sea-kayaking and hiking uphill through jungle.
  • Conducted competitive and category assessments.
  • Reviewed current promotional materials and marketing tactics.

ACTIONS icon_act

  • Created a survey to send out to 5,000-person mailing list to gain greater understanding of consumer attitudes towards the program and what it offers
  • Analyzed results
    • Created core consumer profile
    • Identified key drivers of consumer purchase motivation

SOLUTIONS icon_sol

  • Recommended new pricing structure to better align with adventure travel industry model
  • Working with client as an ongoing resource to ensure that all marketing tactics and communications align with new consumer knowledge
    • Discovered that consumers participate in program to jump-start fitness and weight-loss. Yoga is not a key driver of purchase