Generating Awareness for a New Service


Quantitative research provider wanted to generate awareness for its new Qualitative (Focus Groups) research facility located 45 miles from Chicago

SITUATION icon_asses

  • Chicago area has many high-quality Qualitative research facilities which are more conveniently located
  • Unclear if there were competitive advantages to being able to provide both Quantitative and Qualitative capabilities to clients under one roof


  • Interviewed internal team to understand their experiences and the challenges they had been encountering
  • Reviewed current promotional materials and marketing tactics
  • Conducted limited competitive assessment
  • Conducted individual interviews with focus group moderators to identify needs of moderator community

ACTIONS icon_act

  • Held focus groups with moderators as the participants at client’s facility
    • Sessions included tour of facility
    • Developed Discussion Guide
    • Participated in sessions
  • Identified pool of moderators in Chicago area from which to source focus group participants
    • Leveraged search for moderators to generate buzz for facility

SOLUTIONS icon_sol

  • Identified facility’s key points of differentiation and specialization which would make it worth people’s while to travel to client’s facility for Qualitative research
  • Generated buzz among moderator community for client
  • Identified ways to enhance Qualitative product by leveraging Quantitative expertise