Regaining Retail Distribution Using Low-cost Data

Issue: $3M ethnic frozen food company had been kicked out of a key account.




The local Walgreen’s buyer had authorized the client’s ethnic food product and had made an initial order. That buyer was then rotated to a new position, and the new buyer discontinued the client’s product, saying it had underperformed.

Client could not afford syndicated sales data like Nielsen and the Walgreen’s data was spotty.



  • Identified inexpensive way to gather rough account information by conducting a store audito
    • Created shelf audit survey
    • Identified underutilized internal resource to conduct store research
    • Analyzed audit results
  • Interviewed industry experts to gain category insight and perspective on Walgreen’s performance metrics
  • Worked with client’s senior management to identify opportunities for improved performance and service at Walgreen’s which were within budget and aligned with marketing objectives
    • New packaging
    • Shelf stocking and tagging support
  • Created selling story based on store audit results, changes client was willing to make, and brand positioning developed as part of project

Presentation led to buyer’s agreement to bring product back in to Walgreen’s in the next buying cycle. Annual business worth $250K.