Repositioning – Visual Example


Beverage start-up with consumer packaging (pictured at right) but no brand positioning.

Old Packaging

New Packaging

SITUATION icon_asses

An R&D technologist joined forces with an angel investor to develop a beverage product.  While the product was superior to other products in the market in several ways, it was not positioned to meet a specific unique consumer need, its packaging was very similar to existing in-market products, and initial in-store test results were weak.


  • Conducted category assessment to identify consumer target and need state gaps
  • Researched beverage industry
  • Analyzed results of in-store test
  • Assessed portfolio of original package designer and compared to those of other designers

ACTIONS icon_act

  • Identified older women who consider themselves active as a good strategic fit and an unmet target in the marketplace
  • Positioned brand against this target
  • Developed Packaging Creative Brief which clearly defined brand position, essence and strategic goal
  • Collaborated with original package designer on differentiated packaging which aligned with the brand positioning

SOLUTIONS icon_sol

  • Note that the only difference between the two package development processes was the presence of the Brand Positioning and Creative Brief for the “After” bottle.  The package designer was the same for both packages.