Speaking in Customers’ Language

Issue: Rapidly expanding $20M services company is launching a new product and needed to develop a brand positioning strategy that resonated with customers and met their specific needs.




The company is a promotional program vendor that deals primarily with the operations and engineering functions at major consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. The new product would be most appropriately sold directly to people in marketing.



  • Leveraged Argentum’s collaborative positioning process to harness institutional knowledge to generate positioning statements geared towards different target audiences within the same customer
    • Led CEO, COO, Sales and Marketing in collaborative positioning workshop
  • Developed benefit hypotheses
  • Created new benefit-oriented selling presentation based on brand’s positioning
  • Led development of new benefit-oriented website content
  • Developed case studies which highlighted core benefits of client’s service offering
  • Trained marketing personnel in writing of case studies, presentation writing and web content approach
  • Assisted in creation of promotional customer “Lunch ‘n Learns” focused on new product case studies and key lessons learned. In one case, actually made the presentation as being able to talk directly from personal experiences was very valuable to the audience.