Timeshare VP of Marketing for Leisure Industry


>$3M adventure travel company needed supplemental marketing expertise without a full-time overhead commitment.

SITUATION icon_asses

The COO had been running the company’s marketing function, with occasional input from external marketing consultants. With an impending acquisition of another company, the COO was not only too busy to take the lead on marketing, but there was also a larger, more complex marketing need to integrate the two companies’ brands into one.


  • Reviewed client’s existing marketing materials and plans
  • Aggregated representative sample of 3 years’ worth of paper guest surveys of company being acquired
  • Interviewed executive team members to get their perspectives on the two companies and to identify expectations and aspirations for the new combined company
  • Met with all marketing-related team members

ACTIONS icon_act

  • Developed and executed survey of both companies’ former guests
  • Identified common themes and watch-outs based on survey results
  • Created an umbrella positioning statement for the new brand
  • Disseminated positioning statement throughout organization
  • Developed integration plan for merging the two brands
  • Led team in developing marketing plan

SOLUTIONS icon_sol

  • Ensured that all marketing materials being developed remained true to the new positioning
  • Developed talking points which highlighted key points regarding the new brand
  • Created new post-trip evaluation survey to provide more robust ongoing data for the company
  • Developed process and format for laying out themes and content for ongoing consumer communications