Timeshare VP of Marketing for Medical Services Company

Issue: Rapidly expanding $2M services company needs marketing expertise without expense of full-time headcount.




CEO had been running the company’s marketing function since founding the business. As the company grew, however, she was not only too busy to take the lead on marketing, but she also recognized that the company needed a higher level, strategic marketing plan.



  • Led CEO and COO in collaborative positioning workshop which leveraged the knowledge and participation of key executives in lieu of expensive and time-consuming external research.
  • Developed “Disaster Check” survey, which CEO administered with existing clients to validate positioning direction and core benefits.
  • Created new benefit-oriented selling presentation based on brand’s positioning.
  • Created new product trademarks to solidify brand differentiation.
  • Developed Creative Brief for future marketing tactic development needs.
  • Led development of new benefit-oriented print creative, and provided more efficient process and outcomes for all involved.