Translating Legal-ese to English

Issue:Rapidly expanding legal services company needs to more clearly tell their story in a way that their corporate clients can understand.




The company was a services provider whose product offering had been evolving as the company grew. Because getting a first meeting was so challenging, when they did get in front of a potential customer, they were trying to tell the prospective client everything they could about their services instead of focusing on the most relevant, “sticky” offering, in terms that the client could clearly understand.



  • Leveraged Argentum’s collaborative positioning process to generate positioning statement
  • Harnessed institutional knowledge
  • Gained consensus on core point of difference
  • Created new benefits-oriented sales presentation based on positioning and key benefits
  • Modular for ease of use with different client need states
  • Included easy-to understand hypothetical example of key process benefit
  • Developed streamlined case study template for use with all future cases
  • Developed case studies which highlighted core benefits of client’s service offerings while also demonstrating deep expertise in key hot button areas
  • Led client’s graphics team to develop visual elements that clearly depicted key parts of the story
  • Resulted in enhanced target client responsiveness and generated immediate client follow-up requests