Value Proposition – Explaining What a Company Does


$3M complex, multi-pronged, multimedia consumer engagement company can’t explain what it does to those not in its industry.

SITUATION icon_asses

The CEO had each of his salespeople take him through their standard sales presentation. When he realized that they were all saying completely different things about the company’s offering, he decided that it was time to bring in an external marketing expert to help them focus and “sing from the same songbook.”


  • Worked with senior leaders to identify single vertical as starting point
  • Reviewed clients’ existing marketing materials
  • Interviewed executive team members to get their perspectives on the business and product and service offering

ACTIONS icon_act

  • Led executive team in 2 half-day sessions to identify target customer needs, existing product offering benefits, in order to establish alignment between the two
    • Team found first session so beneficial that they requested a second to continue with an even deeper dive
  • Positioned product offerings for multiple client channels
  • Worked closely with head of sales to ensure sales team input, participation and buy-in
  • Identified key data sources to help substantiate client’s point of difference, and worked with client to acquire them in a cost-effective way

SOLUTIONS icon_sol

  • Developed modular sales presentations which showcased key client products and services in a dynamic, relevant, strategic way
  • Spearheaded the creation of videos to supplement sales presentations and showcase client’s multimedia expertise
  • Developed analysis which clearly, easily and credibly demonstrated product offering’s point of difference and superior performance versus competition