Speaking at Kellogg School of Management

In addition to having been a guest lecturer at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Susan has also been a panelist speaking about independent consulting. See details below:

So, You Want To Be an Independent Consultant?

March, 2012

Description: Many alumni, longing to be their own bosses, have considered becoming independent consultants. The benefits, shown above, can be very appealing. But, what about the potential pitfalls, and how best to avoid them? Our panel of independent consultants will discuss the nuts and bolts of launching and running an independent consulting practice. Topics covered:

  • Finding and maintaining clients
  • Creating a website and other marketing materials
  • Balancing business development and execution
  • Incorporating
  • Getting insurance and paying taxes
  • Billing and creating contracts
  • Leveraging social media

Thanks for being such a great panelist – candid, articulate and funny: I couldn’t ask for more!

Karie L. Davis

Career Coach, Kellogg School of Management

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