What is EarthRight™?

EarthRight is the first and only public health mosquito control program to utilize products listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). By being OMRI listed, both the larvicide and adulticide are recognized as being safe to use in and around organic crops and gardens.

Coupled with low carbon-footprint application methods, EarthRight marks a revolution in mosquito control designed to “Love the Earth. Not mosquitoes.” Both larvicide and adulticide used in the EarthRight program are made from naturally derived active ingredients along with other inert ingredients that are registered by the USEPA and meet all requirements of the Organic Materials Review Institute. Find out more information at www.clarke.com

Eight Communities Working With EarthRight

  • Celebration, Florida
  • Fulton County, Georgia
  • Lake Bluff, Illinois
  • Deerfield, Illinois
  • Fort Sheridan, Illinois
  • Lincolnshire, Illinois
  • Tower Lakes, Illinois
  • Ravina, Illinois