I was very excited to attend TEDx Midwest a couple of weeks ago. The 1 1/2 days of the event were filled with thought-provoking speakers across technology, psychology, entertainment, business and other disciplines. While it was a little frustrating not to be allowed to tweet from the event, I applaud the device ban in the auditorium. I think it helped the audience focus on the speakers and being in the moment.

I did take a lot of notes, though, so, belatedly, here are the my Top Ten TED Tweets I would have sent out, had I been able to:

1. Getting to top is optional, getting down is mandatory: why she turned back 1st time #AlisonLevine leader 1st US women’s Everest Exped

2. Heroism: Being willing to stand up & do rt thing even when it = ostracism #JerryMitchell, got Klansmen convicted for unpunished killings

3. To increase energy efficiency of Empire St Bldg 6K windows were remanufactured in place #AmoryLovins physicist

4. I have never figured out the aesthetic contribution of plastic flowers #BillStrickland MacArthur Fellowship (Genius) grant recipient

5. 4 kinds of energy Physical (quantity) Emotional (quality) Mental (focus) Human Spirit (what you do matters) #Tony Schwartz coach

6. The recovery rate of patients in rooms facing trees > those facing brick walls #NancyEtcoff psychlogist

7. There is more calculating power in a singing bday card today than in the 1st handheld calculator #EdieWiener futurist

8. Why people go to scary movies: Shared fear makes scary things bearable #WesCraven director

9. People and policies are more difficult to move forward than technology #DeanKamen Segway inventor

10. I worked for 45K hours before I made a penny in the music business #JohnOndrasik singer songwriter #5forFighting