At last, an interesting B2B example of using Pinterest! I recently received this email from FONA International, a company that creates and manufactures sweet and savory flavors for the food and beverage industry.

You can also click here to see a larger version of the email on my website.

While Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular site, according to Experian’s new 2012 Digital Marketer report, it remains a mystery to many of us. It’s especially unclear how it can be used to further customer connections for B2B companies, given the visual nature of the “conversation.”

That’s why I was especially excited to see that FONA was using Pintrest to showcase and host customer input on flavor ideas. I could immediately see how this would translate to some of my “B2B2C” clients. A B2B2C company to me is one that supplies B2C companies.

For example, my client that specializes in producing in-pack and on-pack promotions for B2C clients like putting Starbuck’s VIA into boxes of Special K. They could use Pintrest as a forum to “pin” both the cool promotions that they bring to life for their clients as well as a place to highlight other interesting promotions that other non-client companies are doing.

I’d love to hear of any interesting B2B Pinterest examples you’ve seen!