Words Aren’t The Only Way To Communicate To Your B2B Customers

Recently, one of our B2B clients decided to invest a significant part of their marketing budget to exhibit at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. The client is essentially an engineering company which produces a piece of equipment used to execute in-pack and on-pack consumer promotions, such as putting toys in cereal boxes.

As the team prepared for the show, we looked at the attendee list, as well as the vendors who would be located near our booth, like Hello Kitty and Dreamworks. We decided that changing the company’s original video of the actual equipment in action to better align with the show’s marketing orientation would be a solid investment, despite the additional cost.

We created an animated video of a whimsical machine putting toys in cereal boxes. This would be more in keeping with the tenor of the Licensing Expo, and also better highlighted the consumer aspect of the client’s value proposition.

The animated video helped draw attention to the booth during the show, and the client has since put the animation on its website’s homepage. An added bonus was that they have also created a screensaver from the animation that can be used by employees and also sent to customers.